Meet the Author of NFUDU

Oby Aligwekwe is the author of NFUDU – Skirts, Ties & Taboos. She has written several short stories and a self-help novel. NFUDU is her debut publication. Oby is also a Chartered Accountant. She obtained a Masters degree in Economics from the University of Saskatchewan.

Other Interests

When Oby is not working on her day job or whipping up stories, she enjoys travelling to exotic locations and bringing pieces of her travel with her. Oby enjoys swimming and playing badminton. She also devotes time to helping the less privileged, mainly through her charity Éclat Beginnings.

Eclat Beginnings

Éclat Beginnings is a Canadian charity that serves children and families struggling with poverty. Its main mandate is the provision of educational assistance to children and small business assistance to women in rural communities.

Eclat has been operating since 2008. It is continually seeking to expand its reach.

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