• Someone was tailing Phina and she could feel it in her soul. She quickened her pace, but the person walking behind her along the barely lit hallway mimicked every move she made. Afraid to look back, she called out to Isabel, hoping to get an answer. Receiving no response got her adrenaline pumping, so she shrieked, “Stop Isabel.” Still, no response.


    She continued but could sense that there was undoubtedly a being behind her. This being was determined to catch up with her and do her harm. Knowing this convinced her it wasn’t Isabel she had to contend with. Gripped with fear and unable to find her voice again, she took a quick look behind but saw no one. A second later, she hastened and felt the person following her do the same. Her heart pounding, she decided to run the entire length of the hallway which ended with the Victorian living room on the right. Hopefully, there she could call for help, or better still her assailant would give up pursuing her.

  • At dinner, they enjoyed a wonderful meal of roast lamb, herby potatoes and zesty spring greens. Juliette seemed to have her mind elsewhere, and was a little disinterested in the topics at hand. Javier on the other hand was more forthcoming. He seemed livelier and particularly happy to meet his daughter’s new girlfriend. He engaged Nfudu in conversation throughout dinner and in return, Nfudu was elated by his interest in her. “Why did you stray so far away from home?” he asked. “The weather in Nigeria is so beautiful and the country is going in such an amazing direction, with the discovery of oil and independence…”