Skirts, Ties and Taboos


Oby Aligwekwe

Number of pages

354 pages, Paper back and eBook


Eclat Books (October 14, 2017)








Soon after arriving in Paris in 1963, Nfudu launches a heart-rending secret affair with her best friend’s attractive father – Javier. But, her father rejects Javier because of his race. When she meets Ikechi – a striking London financier, Nfudu’s bond with Javier is tested. Ikechi seems like the perfect match, but a grim revelation about his ‘caste’ forces Nfudu’s father to defend his honor.

In this debut novel, the author intricately weaves plots of love, war, crime, hatred, ancient taboos, and a clash of civilizations, then merges these into one powerful story.

What People Say

A Delicious Read!

"Nfudu is a very delicious read....Nfudu's traits are in us all....a very easy read....this book has excitement, mystery, passion & IS a real page turner....I wondered how it would end & when it did, I wanted more!!!!!!

I look forward to reading the author's next instalment..."

KC. M., LONDON, UK, verified purchaser review

A Beautiful, Nuanced Love Story

"I loved the characters in this heart-tugging story, about love, life, fears, family, dreams and everything in between. It is told in a very liberating, simple, honest manner. Set in Paris and London in the nineteen sixties, within the backdrop of the Nigerian civil war, it captures the sophisticated way of life of Nigerians before the war and provides insight into what occurred in that time period without making the war a central focus –rather the characters.

This is a story of courage and trying to find your voice in spaces where your voice may often be tuned off/down and never amplified enough for what you truly want, need and desire. I found myself rooting for the main character. She is any girl, past, present and future. She sought to find/embrace her voice, make her own mistakes and also rise from them, on her own terms."

JULIET, review

Book Trailer, Coming Soon

“The work is a masterpiece. The story flowed like a river and made a very interesting reading. It is impossible to put down and do other things until one has completed reading. I fell in love with the characters…” - Dorothy

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